2012 will bring an exciting new season at the City Limits Comedy Club.

On January 15th we have the Official Launch of our new website. It will
feature never before seen video footage of some of Ireland's  most famous
comedians like Tommy Tiernan, Jason Byrne and Colin Murphy performing some of
their early gigs in City Limits.

Keep an eye out for this as you will given access to the oldest footage of Tommy Tiernan available, recorded here in 1998!! EXCITING STUFF!!!

In the New Year we will also have a workshop on how to get into
comedy... and also one on how to laugh properly ;)

Ok for those of you who are here from Groupon to
see if you should partake in our Winter Deal Special .. here is some info for you...

First of all , have a look at the club.. here is a clip from Tommy's newest
DVD, this is City Limits Comedy Club!

 City Limits Comedy Club
"One of the best places in the world to do comedy"

Tommy Tiernan, Ed Byrne, Jason Byrne
Colin Murphy, Jimeoin.

All of the above have said this, after performing at City Limits Comedy Club
Come and see for yourself !


Tommy Tiernan New DVD Filming at City Limits Cork.
As one rave review after another came in from Tommy’s recent Crooked Man
  tours of  Australia,  New Zealand, Canada and Ireland
 it became obvious that it was time to capture this moment in
Tommy’s career  where most feel he is at his finest.

Tommy Tiernan Confirms Vicar Street Run

As put by one reviewer recently
 â€œThe genius that we know and love, an hour and a
half of pure lunacy,  this is Tiernan at his best. â€�

However we didn’t want to follow that same old format
 of shooting  a big thousand seater theatre, bright lights, big crowd.

We wanted to do something more interesting,
 more true to the art of stand up, something different.....

On Thursday July 28th 2011, Tommy  performed two shows at the
infamous home of real stand up in Ireland and a place that plays
 an integral part in the history of Tommy’s career,
City Limits Comedy Club in Cork.

Flying in from the UK with his crew is the man with the vision
 for this project British director, comedian, actor
and writer best known for his role as Maurice Moss
 in The IT Crowd, Richard Ayoade.

 His writing and directing film debut “Submarineâ€�
has been the independent film of the summer with
 the LA Times deciding that “Richard Ayoade captures the uncapturableâ€�
His work with the Arctic Monkeys has been
considered among critics original, refreshing , stylish and exciting.

To say that we are excited about the partnership between these two great artists
 and visionaries and what might happen on this dvd is an understatement.

The DVD will be released in November of this year.

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